Adult Summer Reading Challenge

Welcome to our adult summer reading challenge! We are issuing 15 challenges this summer, can you read them all? Challenge is open from June through August 20 (note the new, extended date!). For each 3 books read, earn a ticket towards our two prize drawings–one will be a gift card to Valentino’s, and the other a gift card for Bank Square Books in Mystic. Keep track of your progress by picking up a Bingo board and bookmark from our library.

Please read a different book for each challenge. Not sure where to get started for a particular challenge? Click on the name of the challenge to be taken to a page with suggestions of books you can get here at the library.

1. A book featuring an animal as one of the main characters

2. A book about another culture

3. A memoir

4. A beach read

5. A book with a red cover

6. A Young Adult book

7. A graphic novel

8. A book about food

9. A sci-fi book

10. A book about gardening or farming

11. A book set before 1950

12. A book with the word “lake” in the title

13. A book that has been made into a TV show/movie

14. A mystery/thriller

15. A book set in New England