Code Club

We meet monthly–check our event calendar for more information. 

Join us at Gales Ferry Library to learn how to code and meet other coders.  We will meet once a month.  You may use a library computer or bring your own laptop/tablet.  We will also have Ozobots available.  For ages 8 – 12.  Registration Required.

Questions?  Contact Mrs. Burt at

We recommend you check out these free resources anytime: The leading provider of K-12 computer science curriculum. This site is best for teaching the basic concepts of coding and computer science to a complete beginner. Scratch teaches young children to create their own games and animations using a block-based coding. It is easy to begin coding right away and see your creation come to life. The colorful animations will catch children’s imaginations and entertain them while learning!

Grasshopper: This is a coding app for beginners, created by employees of Google. You can download it for your smartphone and learn how to code on the go!

KhanAcademy.Org: A great resource for many school subjects, Khan Academy has courses on coding and general computer science. It combines video tutorials created by professionals with interactive challenges and projects to test the student on what they have learned. You will feel accomplished when you complete an entire course! This website has reference pages for many coding languages. For example, if you forgot how to make a text bold in HTML, it is easy to look up how on this website. This is best used in conjunction with another site that interactively teaches how to code. CodePen is a website that allows you to try out web coding and see your design instantly! This is best for students who have some knowledge of HTML, CSS, or Javascript already to try out their ideas and show off web designs to a friend! Codecademy has tutorials on web development, programming, and data science.

New for our code club members! You may now check out Sphero and Ozobot robots. Currently the robots are housed on Stacey’s desks at both the Bill and Gales Ferry Library. Just take one up to the circulation desk to check it out!

The Spheros, Beep and Bop, work with an app called Sphero Edu that will need to be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet. The picture below shows a Sphero and a sample program on an iPhone.

Picture from

The Ozobots, Evo and Bit, work either with a device such a computer or tablet, or you can program them just by drawing colored codes with markers and seeing how the Ozobot senses and obeys your code!