Tunisian Crochet Class for Adult Beginners

Senior Assistant Librarian, Lisa Murno created instructional videos on Tunisian Crocheting. In lieu of in-house instruction, Lisa has created Getting Started in Tunisian Crochet videos as well as the Tunisian Simple Stitch, and a First project. You may view all of the videos below, or on our Facebook page.

Getting Started in Tunisian Crochet:

Video 1: Working with Yarn

Video 2: Tunisian Hooks

Video 3: Creating a Slip Knot

Video 4: Your Foundation Row

Video 5: Prepping for the Project

Video 6: Building Upon the Tunisian Foundation Row-The Tunisian Simple Stitch

Building the Project: The Body of the Work:

Video 1: The Stylish Tablet Cover/Handbag Pattern

Video 2: Crocheting the Body of the Tablet Cover/Handbag

Video 3: Making the Pockets

Video 4: Making the Handle

Video 5: Fastening Off

Video 6: Weaving in the Tails

Finishing the Details:

Video 1: Sewing the Pockets and Handle

Video 2: Adding the Border Trim

Video 3: Ironing the Work

Video 4: Putting it Together